Wine Is Fun!

Robert Lewis Stevenson said “Wine is bottled poetry.” While that is probably true (we aren’t poets, but we’ll take his word for it), we do know that wine is fun. It can be interesting, complex, sophisticated, serious, and scientific, but mostly it is fun! There are so many ways to enjoy wine. Take, for instance, wineries (one of our favorite places to visit). Not only are they the birthplace of some beautiful poetry (uh, I mean wine), but there is a whole lot of science going on there too. Did you know that Cabernet Sauvignon tastes different aged in a French oak barrel than Cabernet aged in an American oak barrel? That’s just a fun little fact we discovered when we attended a barrel tasting at our favorite winery (wine club perks are fun too). And, what better way to spend a beautiful afternoon than on the winery grounds with a picnic, great music, and an awesome bottle of wine? Add to the mix the love of your life and/or good friends, and it is just plain FUN!

Wine tastings are fun too, and there are so many ways to enjoy them. Who doesn’t love holding a glass at the tasting room counter and tilting, swirling, sniffing, swishing, and slurping? All that talk about legs and nose bouquet is some heady stuff. Discerning the notes in wine, (Is that blackberry or cherry?) and discussing tannins and mouthfeel is not only enlightening, but it’s also FUN!

Oh and, of course, there are the wine festivals. Those beautiful white tents emblazoned with wine logos, dotting the landscape like spider lilies after a late summer rain, are a sight to behold. A virtual candy land for the wine connoisseur! Grab your souvenir glass and step right up to the tent of your choice. Hmm… red, white or rose? Cabernet? Pinot Noir? Syrah? Or, maybe you’d like to try a Merlot. How about a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay, or maybe a fruity Pinot Grigio? A Reisling perhaps? California or imported? So many choices and so much FUN! Hey, don’t forget to purchase a Wineyard to hold your wineglass (stemmed or stemless) and keep your hands-free as you meander from tent to tent. No fear of losing your glass, your hands are free to sample all the yummy food, they look really cool, plus… they are FUN!

So, have fun with your bottled poetry. Wine is an art form to be savored and appreciated. It is to be shared, talked over, and talked about. It can be stashed away for that special moment, or it can work its happy magic to end a hectic day. Whatever the reason, have a glass of wine. Just for the fun of it!